Month: June 2016

Food And Its Effect On The Body

Food glorious food……………… yep I love food and if I could eat all kinds of food until it was coming out of my ears I would! Over the years of yo-yo dieting and beating myself up for a weight gain after the weekend I have realised that our bodies fluctuate daily! believe me, I can be at least 3lb heavier on a night than I am in the morning so don’t get too hung up on the scales. What we need to understand a little bit more of is food and how certain foods can impact that number on the scale so you no longer need to beat yourself up after a day off the diet. How many of you decide to have a night off eat what you want, drink what you want and come the morning go into panic mode when you see your 6lb heavier than you were the day before?? Calm down no need to panic you haven’t put on 6lb of fat in one day. it takes weeks to gain actual fat. Your body is simply holding onto water from the food you ate, especially if the food contained higher salt levels? Sodium (salt) causes your body to retain water therefor causing bloat and an increase on the scale. Carbohydrates also have an impact on your glycogen levels which causes the muscles to hold...

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It’s All About The Exercise

The dreaded word……….. EXERCISE There was a time this one tiny little word would make me break out in a cold sweat, nausea would wash over me and i would find absolutely any excuse not to do it. BUT if you get in to the habit of daily exercise you will become a huge fan of the whole sweaty, muscle ache, red faced result. I love nothing more now than finishing a workout and being sweaty, red faced and sore. They say that a bad diet can not be out exercised and while this is true and you may be thinking whats the point in all this exercise milarky then? Well how about feeling energetic every day, feeling happy and upbeat, feeling good in yourself, looking fitter. Yes your diet is the main key to weight loss but fitness and exercise is the key to looking good you can build, shape, tone and totally transform your body with exercise. Gone are the days of hours on the treadmill feeling uncomfortable trying to run when some peiple just arent meant to run (me included in that) I am an advocate for HIIT trainig High Intensity Interval Training this type of workout only needs to be 15-20 minutes long consisting of short bursts of high intense moves for 20-40 seconds each time raising your heart rate and your metabolism helping you...

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Good Old H2O

H2O Yes this stuff in the words of tony the tiger is GREEEAAAT!! If you’re on a mission to lose weight and feel healthy but you’re not drinking water you might as well just stop! your body needs a good old slug of water in order to function correctly. This wondrous miraculous age old liquid is on the top of my list for anybody who comes to see me for health/well being in my therapy practice i cant sing its praises enough and here’s why: Removes toxins Raises energy levels Aids weight loss Promotes healthy skin Promotes healthy nails/hair Helps fight infection promotes a healthy heart prevents arthritis Really the list is endless. I want you to think about your daily routine and be honest with yourself, how much water do you consume? I don’t want to know about fizzy soda, or fruit juices, teas or milky coffees those are just filled with nasties that have zero benefit for your health or weight loss journey. Put down the coffee, pour the fizzy drinks away and grab yourself a good BPA free bottle to drink pure healthy H2O from every day. I promise you, you will feel a difference drinking more water. Yes you will need the toilet more frequently but give your body time to adjust tp the change and the toilet breaks will reduce. If you struggle to...

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Achieving Your Goals

When it comes to losing weight, hitting targets, maintaining or building muscle one thing that is key to your success is goal setting. Without goals you are making it too easy to fall off the wagon and give up when you’re just about to see real results. There are a few tips I have discovered along the way when it comes to setting goals and sticking to them: Decide what you want (weight loss, Maintain, Build Muscle) Be realistic Break down the goal into easy bite size chunks Set Fortnightly and Monthly targets for yourself Every target hit reward yourself (not with Food!) Remind yourself why you’re doing this why you started every day Coming from the working background I do of being a therapist I truly believe that what the mind believes the body achieves, Your mind power can help you to achieve your goals. What is this i hear you snuffle under your breath? but let me explain……. How can mind power help you to achieve your goals? Putting it simply we tend to get what we focus on, think of the term what we focus on increases. If anything is achievable then we can do it by directing our mind power towards it. BUT first you need to believe you can do this. Now if i want to do something i start by telling myself I...

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The Perfect Lunge

Lunges are one of my favourite exercises to round the tush and strengthen those quads, Its a great move that can be easily adapted to suit your strength and fitness levels and can give rapid results when done correctly and when you challenge yourself each time. You can lunge anywhere using body weight, weights or grab your little one and lunge while holding them ;0) This move i often do with my little one when she needs a cuddle half way through my workout, she gets her cuddle and laughs all the way through and mummy gets some added weight on the movement (thanks Daisy) I’m going to talk you through the perfect lunge to ensure you hit those quads and tighten your tush in no time, whilst avoiding any damage. its important to lunge correctly so as not to put too/unwanted much strain on your joints, so here’s how to do a perfect lunge and tighten your tush: Keep your upper body straight with your shoulders back and relaxed, keep your chin up. I find focusing on a spot on the wall in front of me helps to keep the perfect position of my head. Always engage your core throughout any movement. Step forward with one leg. Lower your hips until both knees are at a 90 degree angle Ensure the front knee is directly above your ankle...

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