Here’s my story of how I got to where I am now and why I want to be able to help like minded mummies, ladies, girls who were just like me, struggling to even begin thinking about starting a workout or nutrition plan and feel overwhelmed with the information out there these days.

I know how hard and scary it can be to start thinking about losing weight or getting fitter as I have been there, I’ve been the overweight girl afraid to step foot in the gym, not knowing where to begin with when it comes to food and nutrition and now I want to help you to make the steps I did to really change my life and become fitter than I ever thought I could be and to top that off being a Fit Mum!

Let’s start with a little bit about me!

I’m Paula 29 years young, I have a little girl called Daisy who is my reason for wanting to be a fit mum and show her how to be confident in everything she does!

I can’t really remember much of my life as a young child but the one thing that always sticks out like a sore thumb in my mind is that I was always the “bigger one” of my friends even from a young age way before high school. I remember going shopping for school uniforms with my mum and being embarrassed that I couldn’t fit into my recommended size school skirts and having to buy a much bigger size.

During my high school years I was overweight lacking in confidence and tried my hardest to stay away from social gatherings with friends, I steered clear of the last years dance/prom as that was my idea of hell and a clear opportunity to be ridiculed for how i looked in a dress.

I was the one who was called fat at every opportunity just to make people laugh and I remember thinking that boys could be so mean as they just didn’t seem to see how much it hurt when they would point out that I was fat in front of everybody in class.

As high school continued I continued to get bigger with every year and when I left I was so low in my confidence and where to go from there I felt lost. I started college doing childcare but never completed the course, Then I moved to Beauty and never completed, next was hairdressing and you guessed it never completed that either. There was a pattern setting in and every time I tried my hand at something new my confidence or lack of it would always stop me from continuing and so I would just quit, I still hadn’t made any solid friendships by this point and spent most of my evenings sitting at home feeling low and eating which we all know that cycle does not work, am i right?? I know you’re all nodding your heads at this point!!

I had jobs in supermarkets, and small shops but never progressed at anything, my weight was getting out of control and at my biggest I reached a size 20/22 and couldn’t even walk up the stairs without being out of breath.

I had tried all the diets from Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slimming world, 500kcals a day, shake diets, ketone diets but always piled weight back on and it seemed to come back with a vengeance!

So there I was mid-twenties working in hotels overweight feeling sorry for myself and I spent my days YouTubing and following blogs, it was then that I decided I wanted to give it a try! I was interested in beauty/cosmetics and writing about things I enjoyed was far easier than face to face with people. I spent my evenings writing up on my blog about the latest makeup or hair product I was using and I LOVED it! I would be invited to events for product releases and it was then that I eventually made a group of friends over the internet and we would meet up at the events and chat online.

Blogging for me was perfect, I could help people from behind a computer screen which I have recently become to realise that all I have ever wanted to do is to help people feel good about themselves, but never had the confidence doing anything face to face with people as I wasn’t happy about myself.

It was a blogging event I met my now husband and he inspired me! This man was hard working, fit and healthy always on the go, up and out of the house for 5:30am and would work out when he got home. I reached out to him for help!

This was when my life changed completely, we went and bought new trainers and work out clothes for me and my journey began. I have done countless DVD’s at home, endless hours in gyms, and created my own workouts in between. I’ve gone from the girl who was allergic to sweating and hard work to loving a good sweat after a workout.

Over the past 5 years I have become a successful hypnotherapist helping many people to change their lives and with a podcast on Itunes, I have lost 6 stone, dropped 5 dress sizes, had a baby and lost the baby weight and now thoroughly enjoy working out 5 days a week and relaxing on the weekends.

Please understand I’m not looking to get to a competing level of fitness but I want to look and feel good running around with my daughter, be able to wear a bikini with confidence, or even shorts in the summer without worrying about my legs being too big.

I believe in hard work paying off and there is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to weight loss and fitness, consistency is the key when it comes to fitness and I have seen my fitness levels grow throughout the years and I know yours will too if you just stick to plan.

Join me on this journey and I will help you to find your new you!