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Find Your Buddy | Motivation Monday

Today’s video is all about helping yourself by helping somebody else, if you can find a workout buddy you will find that your motivation will increase and it will be harder to fall off the wagon when you have somebody else checking up on you. Who’s your...

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Set Goals To Stay Motivated | Motivation Monday   In this weeks video I talk about how setting goals has helped me over the past 5 years to stay on track and reach my targets each and every time I’ve set them. Once you have a goal you find it easier to stay on track and stay focused on what it is that you are working so hard for, ¬†you have something to strive towards and we all need that little bit of carrot dangling to help us stay motivated and reach our goal. What’s your goal?...

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Motivation Monday | Mornings Are The Hardest

Welcome to the next installation of the motivation Mondays. Today’s video is a quick tip on keeping your motivation going strong when you don’t really feel like getting out of bed. We sometimes get into a bit of a dip in our motivation and our energy levels but whats important is to keep trucking! Keep on going and push yourself past your dip. Find out one of my biggest tips to getting out of bed and starting your workout in the...

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Finding Your Motivation|Motivation Monday

  This is the first instalment of the motivation Monday videos. In this video I tell you what my motivation is and how I keep myself motivated when I simply don’t feel like it. As you may have seen I am a mum of a beautiful 13 month old Daisy and she is my biggest motivation, I see her every morning watching what mummy is doing and shes now at the age where she tries to copy some of my moves :0) believe me ladies this is motivation at its best! Now if you don’t have any children to help motivate you I want you to search for your very own motivation right now! Is it an upcoming event, have you spent too long feeling low and over weight/sluggish, are you sick of being the “fat friend” whatever your motivation is grab it and take it by the horns and use it every day to get you up and moving! A useful tip…… whenever it feels hard and you don’t want to continue always remember why you started and where you started, this helps you to see just how far you’ve come even when you feel like you’ve made no progress at...

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