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Easy Leg Moves For Amazing Legs | Thunder Thigh Thursday

In today’s thunder thigh Thursday I will show you some more of my favourite at home leg moves incorporating some weights to help shape your legs without feeling confined to a gym. These workouts can be done and altered to suit your level of fitness. Also find out what I have noticed from the cold baths this week and if there’s any difference noted. Give these a go and let me know how you find them...

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Easy At Home Leg Workout | Thunder Thigh Thursday

Find out in Today’s video why I’ve been sitting in a cold bath this week……… and I show you some of my favourite moves to do at home to help build and shape your legs and bum. You can alter the amount of sets to suit you but aim for 12 reps of each move, the better you become increase your reps and try to focus on the muscle you are...

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Moves To Build Your Legs | Thunder Thigh Thursday

    Welcome to the first of the thunder thigh Thursday videos. Today’s video gives you an insight to a few of my favourite moves that have helped to tone my legs and allow me to become proud of them and embrace my bigger thighs. I have spent years being embarrassed by my legs but now I embrace my thighs they’re big and I will never have skinny legs and now┬áI no longer wish for the thigh gap ;0) Embrace your thunder thighs and work them extra!...

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