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The Low Down On Snacking | What I Eat Wednesday Today’s what I eat Wednesday is all about snacking and what I might eat if I do snack. I never really snack on much as I don’t tend to feel the urge for them anymore after years of training myself to say NO. If you’re finding you snack a bit too much try my tips to help you regain control over your snacking habits and make sure you grab for the right things when the snack monster visits ;0) Whats your favourite...

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What I Eat Wednesday | All About The H2o

  This weeks what I eat Wednesday is all about hydrating your body to help aid your weight loss. I talk about why I believe water helps and what my routine of regular water drinking and how much I drink throughout the day, also find out about my tips on making sure you get enough during the day to help keep you feeling energised and your skin and nails looking great. How much water do you drink in a...

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My Diet| What I Eat Wednesday

  Welcome to the first what I eat Wednesday. This video is an insight into my old diet and what I now eat and how I have transformed from a girl who ate sweets every day to now controlling my cravings and limiting those pesky sweet treats. I’ve tried and tested many different diets along the way and lots haven’t worked for me even though I know a lot of people who are very successful on the things I’ve tried. Find out what I eat and what didn’t work for me and remember to try different routines for yourself as some things work better than others its all about testing and seeing what suits your...

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