When you’re looking to start losing weight something to always remember is that nutrition is very very important, no matter how hard you train at the gym or home a bad diet cannot be out exercised.

So if you’re training like a she-woman for an hour a day but picking at the cupboard contents once you’re done you might as well give up now. Yes, training does mean you can allow yourself to eat that little bit more but more of the right foods and not an extra biscuit or piece of chocolate.

First things first get rid of the sweet/treat cupboard! Most families I know have a cupboard that is crammed full of chocolate, sweets, crisps, cakes all those wonderful foods that will have a big fat negative impact on  your progress. Don’t have these foods to hand! I know all too well when you feel a little low, tired, stressed or downright destructible towards yourself  sweet foods are what we all think we need (I’ve done it myself) but it’s not, in fact it’s the worst thing you can grab when you’re looking to lose weight. If you eat right throughout the day you won’t feel the need to snack and once you get into the habit of not snacking it becomes easier to avoid those pesky sweet treats.

Plan, Plan Plan……………. Trust me on this one if you have an idea of what you’re going to eat on a daily basis you won’t fail. Try to wing it and see how the day goes and you’re sure to grab easy food that won’t help you to shift any pounds.

Know your food nemesis, We all have one food that we love but can’t eat if we want to lose weight mine is carbs! I love nothing more than rice, pasta, bread,literally  anything carbtastic but all I have to do is sniff carbs and my hips get bigger! So I avoid starchy carbs like these and ensure I get my carbohydrate source from plenty of veg with my meals instead. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the odd pizza, glass of wine and chocolate but all in moderation.

Hydrate!! Water is so so very important when you’re on the road to becoming healthy, not only is it good for your health, skin, nails, hair, transporting nutrients around the body it also helps you to feel full when you’re having a hunger pang that you would normally have grabbed a chocolate biscuit to curb that small hunger feeling. So invest in a good sized water bottle and carry that baby around with you wherever you go!

Say NO! If you work in an office environment or anywhere that you are likely to be offered cake, sweet treats, naughty bites then just say NO! Don’t feel pressured into caving into office traditions trust me you’ll feel more empowered when you resist those naughty Friday office treats. Yes, you will get the questions and the people who try to tempt you for a little while but the more you stick to your guns and refuse, the quicker they will get bored of asking you. When working in an office I said no to cakes and yummy treats that often it quickly got round that there was no point in asking me as i would just refuse it and thus it all got easier for me.

Believe me I know how daunting nutrition can be and knowing what to eat and when to eat but you will get there and I’m here to help you, I have spent so long feeling frustrated not understanding what’s best to eat, when to eat, how much to eat but with testing on myself and my husband I now understand nutrition and it’s honestly simple when broken down. So Stay tuned for more nutrition posts/videos that will be coming on the website, giving you simple easy steps to follow with shopping lists too!!

Your Time Is Now!