Mindset………What does it mean and how can it affect my progress?

So you’ve bought the new gym gear, you’ve found the right workout plan for your fitness level and you’re armed with your bottle of water but none of this will work if your mindset is not where it needs to be to begin your journey.

I have spent years buying workout dvd’s, gym clothes and telling myself every Monday today’s the day i’m going to start, but every time something got in the way. I would always give myself an excuse as to why I couldn’t work out,I’m too tired” “It’s too hot” “I don’t feel good” the list goes on of how many excuses I have made up and quite frankly it’s embarrassing to admit that for years I always had somebody or something else to blame for my lack of motivation when all along it was my own doing.

If you’re serious about making that first step you need to throw all of those excuses out of the window and realise that the only person/thing stopping you from making a change is you!

Here’s the first steps I have found helpful for me to stick to my plans over the years:

  • Set a firm date you want to start and no matter what happens you start on that day
  • Plan day one and prepare in advance.
  • Set realistic goals of what you want to achieve
  • When you want to achieve those goals (Be realistic you’re not going to lose masses of weight in one week)
  • Have a plan of workouts for each day that you plan to excercise.
  • Have a plan of food you’re going to eat each day
  • Have a bottle of water to hand at all times
  • Empty those cupboards of tempting foods!!

We are simple creatures and all we need is guidance and plans, if you try to start something without a plan, without direction you’re setting yourself up for failure. Have your plan and follow it, it really is simple.

That first day on your new plan can be daunting but with every day you complete you will begin to see and feel a difference in your mood, your appearance, your outlook, your fitness levels all positive changes in yourself which is what we are all on this journey for right?

I have also found it really helpful to not dwell too much on a bad day! pick yourself up and start a fresh the next day, one bad day is only one day and remember you’re not going to gain weight after one day off (yes you will be heavier but thats simply water weight that your body is holding onto from the bad food)

Once you can get your mindset in the right place you are on track for success!